Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EDITORIAL: Make parks smoke-free

Bans that are controversial today soon will be welcome

Each time a new restriction on smoking is proposed, people fret that it can’t be done. But once no-smoking policies are in place, they’re widely supported. Is anyone eager to bring back the days when government offices were clouded by a gray haze, or when going out to eat meant returning home with clothes that smelled of stale tobacco?

This commentary focuses mainly on how things used to be and what most people would want. however, it doesn't have any actual evidence to support its main point. though it does give examples such as airplane and  business bans, this does not necessarily apply to an outdoor sceanario. bans for confined spaces is understandable, but people might not see a good reason for a well ventilated area. the opposition to this ban is likely to be much more fierce and might therefor be a little more unrealistic than this writer makes it seem.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I recently read an opinion article about the EMX in Eugene. The author, , has lived in western Europe for the past 6 years and visits Eugene every so often. In his article, he paints a glowing portrait of the tram system in Strasbourg. His argument is based mostly on pathos and doesn't analyze all aspects of the issue. He feels that the biggest obstacle is the businesses and the negative affect on them. but this is not the only problem, nor the most compelling. In Strasbourg, the debate was between a tram or light metro. In Eugene the debate is instead a debate between EMX and nothing.. to be continued...

This is My AP Lit Blog

This is my AP lit blog